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Our apparel section includes seasonal and basic items from sustainable and trending wholesale, retail lines, including Zennana, Myra Bag, Simply Noelle, and Charlie Page. We offer a range of sizes and styles options, and we gear our selection toward timeless yet trendy options in various patterns and solid prints. Shop our ladies' apparel in our Balcony Boutique Tuesday-Friday 10 am-6 pm and Saturday 10 am-5 pm. 


Myra Bag Apparel:

  • Offers fashion-forward, high-quality pieces with a vintage look and feel. 

  • Clothing is uniquely designed to be eco-friendly while highlighting the latest fashion trends with a handcrafted twist. 

  • Comfortable, premium-quality, breathable pieces allow upscale to everyday wear so that you can look and feel inspired.


Zenana Apparel:

  • Sustainable: Zenana apparel is intended for long-term use and wear, not to be fast fashion. Additionally, this brand uses eco-friendly fabrics to ensure planetary protection and durability. 

  • Ethical: Zenana apparel adheres to ethical core values because product profit is kept to a minimum, and the priority focuses on producing good-quality, fashionable pieces for a fair wage. 

  • Affordable: Zenana prices are highly competitive as a company that focuses on providing customers with high value at an affordable rate across all collection pieces. 


Simply Noelle Apparel:

  • Simply Noelle is a leading wholesale fashion retailer across North America, designed to flatter diverse silhouettes and provide easy-wearing options sure to please!

  • We offer signature Simply Noelle collections and pieces, including their versatile Bordeaux Wraps, Everyday Essentials, Ponchos, and additional seasonal wrap designs. 

  • Highlight your style with bright to neutral color options while having the comfort and movability to go about your day, whatever it may hold! 

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