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We aim to inspire creativity and joy in all the young minds that enter our store! Our shop offers a truly unique and expansive selection of children's toys, crafts, acitvities, gizmos and gadgets, with options for kiddos from 0 months to 12+ years old. We have only the softest and sweetest Mary Merchandise for sensory stimulation, play and comfort among newborns; a wide variety of timeless Melissa & Doug toys, sure to inspire the imagination, and so much more! For the older children, we are thrilled to share our collection of STEAM-oriented 4M KidzLabs and home-craft kits, as well as our innovative Plus-Plus block displays. Come join in the fun and make memories with the young minds in your life here! 


Melissa & Doug: Melissa, the co-founder of the Melissa & Doug company, believes that “the best play, discovery, and creation begins with imagination.” We couldn’t agree more, so we furnish our children’s section with a rich array of Melissa & Doug merchandise for kiddos beginning at 0 months and onwards! Items in this category are timeless toys designed explicitly for screen-free, open-ended play with STREAM orientation. Furthermore, Melissa & Doug merchandise is sustainably made, kid-powered, skill-building, and sure to spark the imagination!


Toysmith: Toysmith brings classic, wholesome fun to the family in a way that can’t help but bring a smile to your face. From Mexican Train Dominoes to Old World Kaleidoscopes to Pulled Pork figurines, this brand has young to adolescent scientists and creatives in mind. Meant to inspire joy, Toysmith brand merchandise stimulates creative play in young to teenage children, with a concerted focus on science-based activities, highlighted by their 4M line. This line of merchandise features kits such as 4M and Kidzlabs, which focus on developing applicable skills and science-based foci.

Plus-Plus Blocks: One shape, endless possibilities. Our Plus-Plus block collection has dynamic options to entertain young creators and innovators looking for hands-on engagement! Honestly, these colorful little blocks are fun for individuals of any age to build with. Made in Denmark, Plus-Plus Blocks offer an economical alternative to Legos, allowing users to create many possibilities in 2D and 3D designs. Our selection ranges from numerous tube collections and includes kits with 400-plus pieces and guided instructions for building!

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