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Want Pies & Sides home-style and home-cooked goodness but crunched for time? Don't worry; we have you covered. We offer various pre-packaged, fresh frozen options for you to pop in the microwave and enjoy with less than ten minutes of total preparation time. Pick from your favorites, such as Chicken Pot Pie, or branch out and try something new, like Swedish Meatballs. We have options for our gluten-free friends, also. Whatever you select, rest assured, knowing your meal will taste like it is prepared with love!

Spaghetti Mac

This hearty meal is mac and cheese style spaghetti, great for italian lovers and those needing a filling choice! 

Swedish Meatballs

MMM! Cheers to a generous portion of Swedish Meatballs, served over egg noodles and seasoned perfectly. 

Chicken Pot Pie

This meal is a slice of heaven from the original Pies & Sides Savory Chicken Pot Pie. Hearty, home-cooked and delicious, this meal is a surefire way to your heart! 

Chicken & Rice

Picky-eater friendly, and delectable, you will want to gobble up this meal! Savory chicken served with tender rice is topped with creamy cheese to make you feel like you are scooping straight from grandma's casserole dish! 

Chicken & Stuffing 

Cornbread stuffing and seasoned white-meat chicken make it taste like Thanksgiving year round! Lick the dish when you are done, or stock up for easy access, etiher way, you will want all you can get!

Meatloaf & Mashed Potatoes

Good meatloaf is hard to find, but Pies & Sides consistently makes and delivers the perfect moist meatloaf, with a tangy red sauce to perfect it. Served with mashed potatoes and slow cooked green beans, this meal will fill you up and bring a smile to your face. 

Cooking Instructions:

***Please note that cooking times will vary depending on microwave voltage and various equipment factors. Our directions serve to provide a general guideline for microwaving our meals. Pay attention to the meal when cooking, and if making popping or sizzling sounds, remove it from the microwave despite the remaining time on the timer. 

  • Pierce film with a fork to make several small holes to relieve steam.

  • Microwave on HIGH for 4 minutes.

  • Remove from microwave, gently stir meal, place film back on the container, and let rest for 1 minute. 

  • Microwave meal on HIGH for 3-4 more minutes, possibly longer for Swedish Meatballs or Spaghetti Mac meals. 

  • Remove meal from microwave and let cool for 3-4 minutes before enjoying!

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