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Myra Bags

Myra Bags are a no-brainer for our boutique, offering various eco-friendly, elegant, and sophisticated options with a vintage feel and unique flair. Our curated collection features a range of handbag styles, from crossbody models to a rich selection of signature Weekender bags, as well as options to support you from the office to a weekend out with the girls. These fabulous bags are sustainably designed, with upcycling materials such as canvas, leather, and hides. Insert the final sentence about why it matters. 

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Kedzie Bag

 Kedzie Bags are a fun, easy, and versatile option, serving as a must-have bag for every collection. These bags come in a wealth of designs, sizes, and colors. They also are designed to be worn with interchangeable straps, which we offer in a dynamic range of patterns, styles, and hues. Cost-friendly, this line of bags makes life easier for those who like to be on the go but don’t want to compromise on budget or style!

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Jenn & Co.

Marketed as “the future of everyday bags,” Jen & Co. “has been committed to offering quality, vegan handbags that are on-trend, affordable, and that can bridge the gap between classic and contemporary styles.” Sustainable and Eco-Friendly, these bags are made using responsible and sustainably sourced non-animal materials. From runway-inspired to office-chic, Jen & Co. has the bag to help cultivate the exact version of classic to modern you aspire to achieve. 

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