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Homemade Sweet & Savory Pies- 

All pies come in two sizes--- individual (1-2 servings) and family size (4-6 servings). 

Cook frozen pies straight from the freezer, no thawing, in a preheated oven for the specified amount of time. Then, ENJOY! 

Connie's Caramel Apple Pie:

Perfect blend of sweetness with the slightest hint of caramel.

Chicken Star Pie:

Dumplings mixed with shredded chicken in a homemade gravy between a flaky buttery crust.

Chicken Pot Pie:

Shredded chicken breast with green peas, carrots, and potatoes in a cream sauce between a buttery crust.

Moravian Chicken Pie:

Shredded chicken breast in a cream sauce between a buttery crust.

Chicken & Stuffing Pie:

Shredded chicken breast in homemade gravy layered with homemade cornbread stuffing.

Meatloaf Pie: 

Tender and flavorful ground beef topped with a homemade glaze.

Shepherd's Pie: 

Seasoned ground beef mixed with tiny carrots, peas, corn, and green beans topped with sharp cheddar cheese and mashed potatoes.

Pies & Sides-NC 

Pies & Sides Owner & Operator Kristen Robeson works hard daily to add convenience and home-cooked goodness to your life! Operating out of the facility where her brick-and-mortar restaurant concept used to be, she and her team make their southern favorites and deliver them to our store. We sell you these frozen savory and sweet pies, and all you need to do is heat them up or let them thaw to experience what love tastes like! 

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