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The Perch Clothing Boutique-

at The Vintage Nest Home & Gifts

Welcome to our Perch Clothing Boutique; we hope you will stay a while. Immerse yourself in the rich elegance interwoven with simple beauty and enjoy a curated boutique experience from accessories to outwear. We offer brands including Judy Blue Jeans, Coco + Carmen, Mudpie, Charlie Paige, Blu Pepper, Hayden, Umgee, and more.  Shop our timeless yet trendy styles, and be sure to find the perfect look for you.

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The Perch Clothing Boutique 

The Perch Clothing Boutique was a vision we had back in 2019, and we are honored to share it with you since our official rebranding in the Summer of 2023. Our Boutique is a curated collection of unique pieces, each hand-selected to match our distinct aesthetic. We wanted to meet our community's need for clothing while doing so creatively and sustainably. Thus, our Perch was born. Today, we welcome you to shop what is now our two- level full ladies boutique and find the fashions you've been waiting to enjoy. 

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