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Elevate Your Outdoor Space for Spring, the Vintage Nest Way!

We know your home extends to your porch, patio, and garden, so we support you in designing your vision for your outdoor space! In this week’s feature, we explore how to use diverse garden décor (all of which can be found at The Vintage Nest) to transform your unique outdoor space into the vibrant oasis you’ve always longed for.

1.) Pick a theme and decorate accordingly: The first part of any great project requires gathering your resources! Since this endeavor aims to create a gorgeous outdoor space reflective of your style and personality that compliments your home, you need to determine the garden décor you want to use!

  • Butterfly & Dragonfly Collections- Butterflies and Dragonflies have been commonly used garden décor themes, and they provide an enchanting, magical feel that is hard not to love! We like to use butterfly-themed solar or battery-powered light-up pieces, but they also make nice windchimes and mobile structures. Honestly, my favorite lantern this year has a beautiful creeping dragonfly design that is to die for!

  • Roosters and Farm Animals- Roosters, Chickens, Cows, and more! Farm animal themes can be fun to play with, and great decorative merchandise is on the market to help you create your perfect oasis! We have loved the in-ground metal Roosters and “Funny Bird” décor pieces this season!

  • Flamingos- Outdoor flamingo décor is fun, funky, and truly, fabulous!!! Pick from planters, flags, stakes, and yard décor to showcase your flamingo-designed decorations this season.

  • Sunflowers- Sunflower-themed outdoor décor is bright, welcoming, and timeless. You can’t go wrong with sunflowers, in our opinion! There are awesome sunflower décor options, ranging from birdbaths to garden stakes to many other metal display items.

2.) Hand-pick the perfect “greeting card” for your home: We love this sentiment because it refers to how using outdoor flags, mats, and decorative pillows is the perfect way to highlight your and your home’s unique style and personality!

  • Garden Flags- Garden flags are an awesome example of a little bit going a long way! By selecting the flag, you love the most, in either a seasonal or a generic design, you can add a lot of personality and decoration to your outdoor space! All you need is the flag and a garden stake to hang it on. People usually buy 40” or 28” garden stakes for their flags, depending on where it is displayed. Adding a house flag to your home is a great way to continue elevating your outdoor decorations easily.

  • Sassafras Switch Mats & Coir Mats- Sassafras switch mats are doormats that interchange the outward-facing design so you can change up your decoration seasonally or however often you like. They are so fun, and again, elevate your outdoor space without too much effort! For Spring, switch mat inserts with bright florals and animals are popular!

  • Decorative Pillow Covers & Inserts- You can continue building your outdoor space’s look by purchasing pillow inserts and interchangeable decorative pillow covers! This is a fabulous way to create a coordinated and polished look since you can match or compliment your flags and mats with your pillows. One timeless look we love is our Evergreen Peacock pillow cover matched with the same design in a garden flag!

3.) Planters are your best friends!

  • Seagrass Planters- These minimalistic yet elegant planters make for incredible patio and porch decorations! When picking a planter, it is important to consider what you want to feature in it and where it will be displayed. For instance, if you have an uncovered porch or patio, you must pick planters that can withstand the elements. Once you pick the planter you want, it is also important to consider display techniques for what you are featuring. For example, you may have to put cardboard or plastic pieces in the bottom of the planter to stabilize the plant you put in the planter.

  • Metal Planters- Metal planters are great for a more modern, elegant look. They also can withstand climates that some seagrass or more delicate materials may be unable to. Metal planters with black or gold edges/finishes are a stunning classic look.

  • Creative ways to use Planters- Sometimes, you may not have the right plant or picks to display in tall and thin-shaped planters. When this happens, if you love the piece and it works in your space, you can always flip it over and use the base as a unique plant stand! We love this idea!

4.) Hanging Décor takes you to the next level!

  • Lanterns- Vibrantly colored solar lanterns and willow or woven lanterns made from natural materials are excellent choices for elevating and adding to your outdoor design! We love pairing taller lanterns with shorter ones to create a multi-dimensional look that will fill your space beautifully!

  • Mobiles- Outdoor mobiles, preferably those that match or compliment your outdoor décor theme, are awesome additions for decorating your trees, patios, pergolas, or any outdoor area!

  • Windchimes- Windchimes are fun and vibrant! Many wind chimes come tuned differently, but anything a C-chord is very pleasing to the ear when the wind blows!

  • Bird Feeders- We love nature and incentivize the birds to come to sing their tunes in your outdoor space! Select a bird feeder that speaks to you, and pick from many options, from house-themed bird feeders to hanging solar mobile ones!

  • Rain Chains- Rain chains are a beautiful addition to your outdoor space. We love the stone-patterned options this season, but there is something for everyone! These items are also wonderfully helpful because, much like a gutter, they direct falling water away from your house!

5.) Get creative and have fun with it!

  • Rain Gauges- Rain gauges are a beautiful and functional piece to add to your outdoor space. Place them in your outdoor or garden space; the measured cylinder inside shows you how much rain has fallen.

  • Cloches (atop succulents!)- Our selected metal cloche is gold, a fantastic way to add height and dimension to the patio and porch settings. One way to use cloches is to put them atop an array of succulents displayed in an attractive and minimalistic planter.

  • Balloon Twirlers- Twirlers are an amazing way to spruce up a porch or patio with a whimsical and classic design! You pull them to open and then hang them on an S-hook or similar. They can be exposed to the elements but must be replaced after some time. Balloon twirlers are beautiful, add texture, and come in many diverse designs and styles to match your theme!

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