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Thoughtful Gift-Giving for Mother's Day!

Picking the perfect Mother’s Day gift can be daunting since expressing your care and appreciation in gift form is hard. That is where we come in. A driving pillar of the Vintage Nest and our lifestyle is supporting thoughtful gift-giving and experiences, so we are here to help you express your love for Mom this year!

Learn our tips and considerations to help navigate Mother’s Day shopping and planning the perfect day!

1.) Stick with a theme to direct building your Mother’s Day gift this year! We are fans of gifting in threes because multiple gift components allow you to touch on several aspects of a person’s interests or personality. As for why I like the number three for gifts, it just feels like a manageable and thoughtful, and well-rounded number of items, in my opinion.

2.) Seasonal/hobby-related gifts are a wonderful choice for your mom or your mother figure. For example, if you know she likes to spend time in the garden, selecting something garden-décor related may be a perfect choice. If you’re worried about getting the wrong thing or don’t know where to start, there are a lot of simple items you can pick from that will elevate and accent any space. Some options include solar lanterns and mobile, flowerpot picks or flags, and decorative garden stakes. You could also decorate a pot for her with flags, stakes, or other decorations and garden décor!

3.) Indulge her with the gift of specialty tea, coffee, & coffee and/or tea accessories! Nice coffee or tea, depending on what your special maternal figure likes, is a fantastic gift because it is useful and thoughtful, and she will experience it by taste, aroma, touch, and for more than one use! A cute mug goes great with your coffee or tea choice!

4.) Classic and timeless options, such as homemade candles or tea towels, will bring a smile to almost any maternal figure’s face! Granted, you know whom you are buying for better than anyone else, but typically, these are great gifts for someone that is hard to buy for or has everything. Picking a personalized tea towel is a great way to express a sentimental message or feeling, and a nice candle provides a lot of use and enjoyment for the recipient.

5.) You can never go wrong with the gift of food, especially if your maternal figure usually provides and prepares meals for the family. If this is the direction you decide for Mother’s Day, we have many genuinely incredible specialty food options. Picking up one or a few fresh-frozen pies, casseroles, sides, or microwavable meals from our shop’s Pies & Sides freezer is a way to ensure she enjoys the gift of convenience and homecooked goodness at the time of her choosing. Additionally, we have lovely dipping oils, spreads, mixes, jams, and more, that will bring a smile to her face and tummy.

6.) Gifts that “keep on giving,” meaning that they incite further future experiences, are fantastic choices as well. After the special day, she can engage with these items and think of you and your thoughtfulness, as she loves using them! Items under this category are journals, cookbooks, barware, drinkware, home décor, stationary, and gifts like these! Think about what may appeal to her that she may not buy herself, and maybe go with that!

7.) Crossover functional/sustainable gifts are lovely for the eco-friendly Mom! Pick from Swedish Dishcloths, KIND Bags, up-cycled blankets, and more to show her that you support her position and get her something she can stand behind ethically!

8.) Fashionable and boutique apparel, clothing, and jewelry is typically welcome gift for her! Sometimes you may not know the sizing or exact style, but graphic tees, one-size-fits-most wraps, kimonos, and beach cover-ups, are fantastic ways to work around those factors. We also have a Mommy & Me local jewelry collection from RAH RAH Beads & Co. in our shop that will warm her heart, especially if gifting from younger humans.

9.) Last but certainly not least, we recommend choosing a self-care/spa package to invite your maternal figure to kick back, relax and unwind from the stress of caring for so many on her special day! We offer local Greenwich Bay product lines, including matching fragrance collections with bath bombs, sugar scrubs, lotion, and bath salts. Pairing these products together makes for a beautiful gift that appeals to many of her senses, and is priced at less than $25, so this is an economical gift option as well! If you want to stick to this idea but go a different route, we also have the full Inis fragrance collection, the Lady Jayne collection, and numerous Greenwich Bay product lines. Mix and match and treat her like a queen!

And most of all, Happy Mother's Day to all the incredible, everyday superheroes this day honors!!!

The Vintage Nest

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