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Exploring Art of Mount Holly, a celebration of local art hosted in our historic downtown.

On March 24th, from 6-9 PM, participating businesses in historic downtown Mount Holly will host an enchanting evening event, Art of Mount Holly, sponsored and brought to the public by Emily Andress and her Awaken Gallery & Artists’ Studios. The evening will be a self-guided and live local art tour through shops in our quaint and expressive historic downtown area. Those engaging will immerse themselves in the beauty of local artistic expression while meeting local artists and learning about their passion and pursuits and how their art influences individuals and their community. The Art of Mount Holly event showcases our beloved Mount Holly community's diverse and unique artistic capacity and talent. Furthermore, this event illustrates how integral art, and our local artists, are to the foundation of our community and city.

Parking & Admission: Multiple municipal parking lots offer attendees safe and free parking options. The lot behind Traust Brewing (off Main St.) is available, as is the Wells Fargo parking lot and the one-off Central on Municipal Ave.

Art Features- The Vintage Nest & Awaken Gallery:

The Vintage Nest Art Feature: Jeff Lee owns The Vintage Nest Home, Gift Shop, & Boutique in Mount Holly, NC. Jeff is the creative influence and designer behind the alluring and well-loved brick-and-mortar shop. Furthermore, Jeff’s creative enterprises include upcycling furniture pieces through decorative furniture painting and various other techniques. Jeff has conceived and created a display of hand-curated upcycled furniture pieces, focusing on demonstrating multi-method approaches and seasonal inspirations. His artwork also highlights the Mount Holly motto of “connecting community and nature” in illustrating sustainability and circular ecosystem models. The work achieves this through its ability to present innovative ways of using existing resources to create specific and desirable looks with room for artistic flair and interpretation.

Awaken Gallery Art Feature: Emily Andress, Awaken Gallery, and Artist Studio’s Owner and Artist, spearheads many arts-based initiatives and events in the Mount Holly community, including the Art of Mount Holly event. This evening also serves as an exciting milestone for Andress and her Gallery & Artist’s Studios, marking their 5th Anniversary Opening and Celebration. This event is highly anticipated internally and by the public. Andress is naming the experience, Two Words and will use the occasion to reveal the recently completed emergent pieces the gallery’s artists have been working on. In addition, Andress will be presenting work at this event, with her pieces focusing on themes of hope and resilience.

The Etiquette of Shopping Event: Find your inner voice with a walk down the red carpet at this event, running from 6-9 PM in honor of the Art of Mount Holly event. Local entrepreneur Angela Bynum, the downtown Mount Holly Dollar Express owner, facilitates a sensational experience for folks downtown during this special evening of artistry and creativity called The Etiquette of Shopping Event. And, yes, it includes a red carpet! Bynum is participating in the festivities by offering shoppers an exquisite shopping experience at her 111 N. Main St store. To begin, door greeters will meet shoppers upon entering the shop and walking in on a dazzling Grammy-style red carpet. Following store entry, Bynum and staff will offer guests various Hors D’ Oeuvres and party favors. Complementary to these elements, guests are provided a truly opulent punch fountain to drink from and enjoy!

The Art of Fashion: Support your local girl gang at Catalyst Mercantile, and immerse yourself in their The Art of Fashion, event during this evening. The artisan boutique and its owners and staff will be hosting a fashion-forward experience, featuring their boutique apparel, accessories, and permanent jewelry. Furthermore, the fabulous and captivating squad will offer mimosas for all shop visitors, helping facilitate a night of indulgence, aesthetic beauty, and artistic empowerment.

Eat, Drink, and Enjoy Mount Holly while you’re here! –

  • Food:

o Traust Brewing Company: 128 S Main St, Mt Holly, NC 28120

o Jack Beagles: 125 S Main St, Mt Holly, NC 28120

o One19 North Main- Sushi, Thai, & More: 119 N Main St, Mt Holly, NC 28120

o Seafood Boil NC: 114 E Central Ave, Mt Holly, NC 28120

o Local food trucks:

  • Adult Beverages:

o The Summit Beer Shop: 122 S Main St, Mt Holly, NC 28120

o Jack Beagles: 125 S Main St, Mt Holly, NC 28120

o Traust Brewing Company: 128 S Main St, Mt Holly, NC 28120

  • Shopping:

o The Vintage Nest: 119 S Main St, Mt Holly, NC 28120

o Awaken Gallery & Artist Studios: 107 W Central Ave, Mt Holly, NC 28120

o Dollar Express: 111 N Main St, Mt Holly, NC 28120

o ***Rabb Florist: Grand Re-Opening!!!: 111 W Central Ave, Mt Holly, NC 28120

Community Art to See!

  • Connecting Community to Nature Mural: Located on the Farmer’s Market facing side of Traust Brewing Company, @travelinggypsy, and @treazy-treaz are the talented, traveling artists who bring this mural to our community. The mural represents our city motto of “connecting the community to nature” and features many place-based natural features of our beloved Mount Holly and North Carolina state.

  • Floating Rapids-Floating Feathers Bike Rack: Sculptor Jan Craft bestows her work of art, Flowing Rapids-Floating Feathers, upon the fortunate Mount Holly community, providing our downtown with a functional piece of artistry for cyclists. The sculptor features native elements and landmarks of the area, including icy blue rapids representing the swells of the White-Water Center rapids and copper feathers reminiscent of the first settlers in the region. You will find this sculpture at the intersection of Main St and Charlotte Ave. (in front of the Wells Fargo building); we invite all passersby to take a moment to appreciate this addition to our downtown and community intentionally.

Ya'll let's all enjoy and share this evening together; we can't wait to hear your thoughts afterwards!

Thank you all endlessly,

The Vintage Nest

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